Exhaust calculators are an integral part of engine design and engine tuning.

Typically an exhaust calculator will be designed to recommend and calculate the right exhaust pipe size for your car or engine to give peak performance.

Notice I said peak performance, and not peak power, as exhaust sizing is always a good balance between peak flow capacity and between flow velocity.

A larger exhaust pipe has higher peak flow capacity, which means it is able to carry more exhaust gas, and higher horsepower engines because it has more capacity.

However a larger exhaust pipe, when making less than peak power, will only be partially filled giving the air inside the room and ability to tumble, cause turbulance, and reduce its overall flow velocity.

Overall exhaust design is a good balance between flow velocity, throttle response, and peak power.

Our exhaust calculator calculates the following (among many other parameters)

  • Exhaust header primary pipe diameter for a good balance between flow and response.
  • Exhaust header primary pipe length for tuned flow at a specific resonant rpm.
  • Exhaust header collector outlet and midpipe diameter
  • Cat-back exhaust system pipe diameter for single and dual exhaust arrangements.
  • Exhaust valve size based on engine demand…. etc

Get your access to the power calculator today !

Get your access to the power calculator today!

Exhaust systems on cars can be a combination of artwork and utility, form and function.

Check out the gallery below to see some cool exhaust systems…

Get your access to the power calculator today!